Manley Tube Direct Mono DI
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Manley Tube Direct Mono DI

Product Details

Manley Labs tube DI units feature exceptionally clean and quiet tube circuits to warm up any electric or electro acoustic guitar, bass, violin, or whatever you may have! They also work really well with sterile sounding synths or tone generators. A unique feature of the Manley Tube DI is the added 5-position high pass shelf EQ which is an excellent method of filtering unwanted resonances. As a splitter device, the transformer-coupled balanced XLR output can be sent directly to a mic level input (such as a desk channel) while the 1/4" output drives the guitar amplifier cabinet which can be miked and mixed with a direct feed. Low impedance outputs, Ground lift and Console Out Boost switches make these units both versatile and compatible. Keep a Manley DI close at hand and - Hey presto! - those noisy high impedance guitar outputs are transported to beautifully quiet lo-Z territory!

Technical Specifications

Vacuum Tube: 5751
Gain: -6dB or -26dB
Input Z: 10 M ohm to 1 M ohm
Output Z: 150 ohm xfmr
12 Hz -15KHz @-3dB
EQ: LF rolloff -3dB points: 12, 42, 100, 250Hz
Transformer-Coupled Balanced XLR Output
Console Out Boost Switch
Ground Lift Switch

Owners Manual

Owners Manual  Download Owners Manual

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