Manley Jumbo Shrimp Preamp
2013 - now shipping with remote control
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Manley Shrimp Front 

Product Details

Very short, simple minimalist signal path. All-tube design. 2 x 12AT7 + 2 x 7044
Generous energy storage via large power supply capacitors.
No global feedback. [Some local feedback]
Non-inverting two-tube gain stage is direct-coupled.Cool white-follower output.
Filament supply floated 80V above chassis ground for quiet operation and longer tube life.
NOBLE audiophile-grade level and balance pots.
MIT/MutilCap polypropylene audiophile-grade signal coupling capacitors, including two 30 uF monsters on the output stages.
Warm-up delay/MUTE button - features and quality components usually not found on entry-level equipment.

Technical Specifications

Tubes: input tubes: 2 x 12AT7WA , output tubes 2 x 7044
Five line level inputs unbalanced RCA
MUTE switch and Warm-Up muting delay


Accurately tracking NOBLE volume control within 0.25dB
Center detented NOBLE balance control
Record Output
Two sets of unbalanced Phono/RCA main outs
Gain 11.8dB


Input sensitivity 200mV in yields 1V out

Frequency response: 10 Hz - 80 KHz

Noise Floor Typically -95 dB A WGT 20-20K with volume fully open

Noise Floor (shorted input) Typically -106 dB A WGT 20-20K with volume control fully closed

S/N ratio: typically 95 dB A WGT 20-20K
Input Impedance: 250 Kohm
Output impedance: 50 ohms
Maximum Output: +26dBu @ 1.5% THD into 100K load (15.5V rms)
Maximum Output: +21dBm @ 1.5% THD into 600 ohm load
Power Consumption: 55 Watts (485mA @ 120VAC)
Dimensions: W=19", L=11", H=3 1/2"
Shipping weight: 15Ib/7kgs

Owners Manual

Owners Manual Download Owners Manual

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