Manley Neo-Classic 300B Preamp
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The 300B unit is the first HiFi preamp to use these classic tubes. Manley's design team had been featuring the 300B in their small power amplifiers for several years and their fans had grown to love their smooth natural sound. However, a single 300B provides great power and voltage swing for headphones and makes a remarkable line driver (where impedances are not too low and power requirements are not too high) ideal for this kind of tube in a single-ended configuration.

Manley has combined the glorious 300B with another classic, the large octal based 6SL7GT, for the input stage - all triodes running in pure Class A operation. To complement this 'retro' feel they implemented vacuum tube rectification (two 5AR4s) and regulation (two OD3s) in the power supply along with plenty of capacity, also developing additional and innovative ripple rejection circuitry to filter out power supply noise, making this an incredibly low-noise preamplifier. Critical factors for headphone users.

Complementing this lovely rich sounding line-driver, Manley employed two ideas found in premium passive preamps: a 24 position gold contact Grayhill switch with metal-film 1% 1/2 watt resistors for a superior audio attenuator and a widely separated ceramic switch for input selection. Add to this, gold plated phono connectors, high purity copper wire, mil-spec printed circuit boards with extra thick copper and plating, plus custom designed output transformers which they wind in their own magnetics department. It all adds up to glorious beautiful sound.

Finished in elegant "Manley-Blue" pewter grey the 300B chassis has a stylish retro-contemorary look. Whether you use headphones or loudspeakers this preamp will spoil you for any other preamplifier.

Technical Specifications

5 selectable inputs
3 pairs of Phono/RCA outputs including TAPE direct sends
2 front panel headphone jacks
Optimized headphone impedance switching 30-400 ohms to 300-4000 ohms
Selecting HEADPHONE operation mutes LlNE outputs
Vacuum Tubes 2 x 300B, 2 x 6SL7GT, 2 x 5AR4. 2 x 0D3
Gain factory set at 18 dB at max Volume
Internal variable feedback 8 to 12dB ADJUSTABLE
Noise floor: typically -70 dB (1 Hz - 100 KHz)
S/N ratio: typically 105 dB (A WCT, 20 Hz - 20 KHz)
Frequency Response +- 1 dB: 5 Hz to 50 KHz
Distortion THD+N: -80 dB (.01 %) zero "crossover" distortion, mostly 2nd harmonic
Input Impedance: 100 Kohm: Precision stepped attenuator
Output Impedance (LINE STAGE): 100 ohms
Output Power (100 ohm Headphones): 1W (10 V RMS) (28 V P-P)
Output Power (600 ohm Headphones): 1W( 25 V RMS) (70 V P-P)
Power Consumption: 170 Watts (1.4 A @ 120VAC)
Dimensions: W=19". L=13". H=3 1/2"
Shipping weight: 28Ibs/12.7kgs

Owners Manual

Owners Manual Download Owners Manual

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