GML8300 series MKII Mic-Pre
Available in 2CH or 4CH Versions

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GML 8304


GML Microphone Preamps are world-renowned for their life-like accuracy and wonderful transparency. Now the Series II models are available as 2 channel or 4 channel (8302 or 8304) versions. GML's continuing research and review of up-to-date componentry maintains the brand's legendary transparency. The GML 8302 and the 8304 Series II have been reconfigured with front-panel-mounted phantom power and phase reverse switches, and the +48v phantom supply has been completely redesigned resulting in lower noise. Their all-discrete, bipolar transistor circuit topologies are completely transformerless with no FETs, ICs,or electrolytic capacitors in the signal path. Even the outputs are direct-coupled with time-proven active servos that remove DC without adding any artificial colour. 10dB to 65dB of gain is front panel selectable on the front panel in precise 5dB steps. A +24dBv clip indicator warns of any impending overloads. Both GML 8302 and 8304 occupy 1U rack space. Both versions ship with an external power supply (GML Model 8355) and a 5pin XLR power cable.

Technical Specifications

1kΩ balanced XLR
80 dB common mode rejection at 100Hz & 10kHz
+12.4 dBv maximum input before clipping (minimum gain setting)
50 volts/microsecond minimum, symmetrical at 30 dB gain
Distortion: Maximum SMPTE intermodulation at +20 dBv output level;
0.0015% at 30 dB gain / 0.007% at 70 dB gain
Effective input noise:
< -126.5 dBv with 150 ohm source / < -129.5 dBv with 0 ohm source
(measurements at 400Hz & 30 KHz, 12 dB/octave high & low-pass filters (ref: 0.775v)
Frequency response:
+0, -0.2db @ 10 Hz & 50 KHz / +0, -0.3db @ 1.7 Hz & 260 KHz
Phase shift: 22 degrees @ 10 Hz & 260 KHz
Number of channels: 4 maximum (2 or 4 on order)
Clip indicator: +24 dBv ±0.5 dB
Gain:10 to 65dB in 5db (±.25dB) steps
Front Panel Indicators: 4 red clip LED’s, 1 green power LED
Phantom: 48 volt switchable, 40 ma. available.
Currently supplied with standard 6.81 KΩ, 1% resistors.
+27.4 dBv at clip
unbalanced XLR (pin 2 hot)
3 mv output offset max, stabilized by D.C. servo correction
external power supply: +28 volts
separate ground and chassis connections at rear
Enclosure: 1.75"X 19" rack mounting, 10" deep. Satin grain, black anodized finish

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