GML Model 8900 Dynamic Range Controller
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GML 8900

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Years of progressive research into how we perceive loudness resulted in a limiter/compressor unlike any other. The GML8900 Dynamic Range Controller was developed to react to loudness in the same way our ears do. The 8900’s psycho-acoustic approach uses multiple true-RMS detectors, remarkably accurate log converters and fast peak detectors to respond intelligently to real signal energy - not just electrical level. This innovative design employs unique controls like Crest Factor, Timing, and Release Hysteresis to precisely control the dynamic features of musical performances; one would ordinarily change out the entire unit to gain this flexibility. Familiar features such as Stereo Link, Soft/Hard Knee, Ratio, Output Level, as well as the comprehensive 40-segment tricolor Gain/Loss metering have been carefully optimized for flexible and creative control over a wide dynamic range with a noticeable lack of audible artifacts. Side Chain Input permit external frequency shaping to be introduced into the detection circuitry. The entire audio path is all-discrete, including the custom-built VCA, for unsurpassed transparency and low-level resolution. The 8900 is a 2U, two-channel unit which requires one GML9015 power supply.

Technical Specifications

20 kOhm balanced bridging; Pin 2 hot
57 dB common mode rejection at 20kHz
+27.4 dBv maximum before clipping
Individually channel swichable on back panel for +4 or -10
±0.1 dB, 16 Hz to 68 kHz response (controls at zero)
0.01% Harmonic distortion at any frequency 20 Hz - 20 kHz1, no gain reduction
0.009% SMPTE Intermodulation distortion2
30 v/usec discrete low noise, high performance amplifiers
no electrolytic interstage or output coupling capacitors
noise -96.5 dBv bypassed, -74 dB absolute worst case (control position dependent)
rolloff: 3 dB down at 260 kHz
FORM FACTOR - 2 CHANNELS, Each with Separate Peak and Dual RMS Detectors
Discrete VCA; Discrete Audio Chain
Front Panel Sidechain; Stereo and multiple unit control link
40 Segment Tricolor meter; Meter range -20 to +20, true gain through unit
4 segment instantaneous ratio meter (approximate indication of soft knee actuation)
Peak, FastRMS and SlowRMS indicators
+27.4 dBv clipping; unbalanced; Pin 2 Hot
3 mv output offset, stabilized by D.C. servo correction
external power supply: ±28 VDC & ±18 VDC
ground and chassis straps at rear
19" x 3 1/2" rack case, black anodized aluminium, silver legend, 8 1/2" deep
weight: 7lb/3.2kg
1 Includes Sound Technology 1710A residual, 30kHz LP filter
2 Measured at 0 dBv ST 1710A; analyzer residual 0.0018%

Owners Manual

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