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GML 2020


The GML one-box solution. The 2020 is a reference-quality combination of the legendary 8300 Mic Pre, a 4-band version of the 8200 Parametric EQ, and a complete 8900 Dynamic Range Controller. Additional enhancements not found in the stand-alone units include: Mic, Line, and Direct Instrument input selection, front panel mounted 2-Pole High Pass Filter, Phase Reverse, and Phantom Power switches, as well as fast and accurate LED input metering. Input Gain is adjustable from -10dB attenuation to 70dB of gain in precise 5dB steps. Each source is optimized at all gain settings for best noise performance. One knob optimizes low output ribbon mics to semi-pro keyboards to inserts in super hot mastering chains. Bypass controls are provided for EQ and dynamics independently, while up to eight 2020s may be linked for multi-channel work. A one-knob topology switch re-arranges the 2020 in such a way to enable the 8200 EQ section to be placed either before or after the 8900 Dynamics section, or conveniently inserted into the Side Chain. The 2020 is housed is a rugged 2U chassis houses and requires one GML9015 external power supply.

Technical Specifications

One channel, multi-input, gain, filter, parametric equalizer, and dynamic range controller
· Inputs: Mic, Line, M/I
· Gain control: -10dB to +70dB, 5dB steps
· Input meter, Phase switch, Phantom power switch
· Filter -- Second-order Butterworth active high-pass filter; 100Hz, flat, 40Hz
· Routing control – EQ/ DYN signal flow, DYN Sidechain access
· EQ section – 4 bands, fully parametric, continuously variable controls
· Dynamics section – GML Series III control architecture; proprietary discrete VCA
· 40-segment tricolor meter, displays true gain through Dynamics section
Microphone: 1 kW balanced, >93dB CMRR, +36.6dBu max input before clipping
Line: 20 kW balanced bridging, >92dB CMRR, +36.6dBu max input before clipping
M/I: 1 MW unbalanced, +20dBu maximum input before clipping
-0.1dB / +0.002dB, <10Hz to >30kHz, worst-case
-3dB, >150kHz and <<10Hz, typical
<0.003% Harmonic distortion, 20Hz to 20kHz, typical
<0.005% SMPTE Intermodulation distortion, typical
30v/usec discrete low-noise precision operational amplifiers, GML 9202
No electrolytic interstage or coupling capacitors
-80dBu broadband, EQ and DYN engaged, typical
-117dBu EIN, M/I input
-123dBu EIN, Microphone or Line input
-90dB crosstalk, 20Hz to 20kHz, worst case
+26.6 dBu clipping
< 3 mV output offset, stabilized by DC servo correction, direct coupled
Normally wired pin 2 "hot”
Requires GML Model 9015 external power supply; +/-28 VDC, +/-18 VDC
Separate Ground and Chassis connections at rear
19" W x 3.5" H x 8.5" D rack mount chassis, black anodized aluminum, silver legend
Weight: 11lbs/5kg approximate.
*GML reserves the right to change these specifications as it deems necessary. Individual unit performance may vary due to
environmental influences, manufacturing variations, and component tolerances. Please refer to full Specifications sheet (included in Model 2020 Owner’s Manual) for details.

Owners Manual

Owners Manual  Download Owners Manual

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